Mark Sheehy (songs, vocals, guitars, neuroses)

A former girlfriend once described Mark as a puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a hangover. His current wife has insisted he stop bringing up the subject of former girlfriends. If he starts telling stories about the Peace Corps, just back away slowly.


Steve Marcotte (guitars, vocals, some semblance of order)

Steve is tall. In fact, Mark often forces Steve to perform in a taped-off section at the back of the stage so it's harder for the audience to tell the difference in their heights. Steve's compulsive attention to detail is single-handedly responsible for any of Mark's songs having a bridge. While performing, he does his best to embody all four of the original Replacements, but he just holds his liquor too damn well.


Fran Condorf (bass)

One good hair day after another.


Dave Kohn (drums, opinions--sound and otherwise)

Dave pounds the skins with the manic fury of one of those wind-up-mechanical monkeys. In fact, a wind-up-monkey drummer was his first introduction to the instrument, and as a child he used to think the Beatles wound up Ringo with a key. Then he discovered Keith Moon and John Bonham and realized that it wasn't a key that gets a drummer wound up.


Eddie Torrez (accordion, keyboards)

Do not leave this man alone with your wife, your girlfriend, you wife's girlfriend's parakeet, or your guitar player.


Jeff Maharray (bass and drums)

In addition to playing great drums and bass, Jeff also plays guitar, writes songs, and sings better than anybody in the band. But Mark is taller than Jeff, so everything's okay.


Dave Resnick (bass)

On the advice of counsel, Dave has declined posting any identifying information on this website.

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